Fashionable Jeans

Today’s latest fashions are courtesy of The Zoe Report and Pinterest.  Accordingly, the below are The Best Street Style From New York Fashion Week.  In my opinion some of what is considered, “The Best,” are little too out there for me, but most of them I can actually see myself wearing.  You’ll notice that the colors do correspond with those of which I posted last week.  Ok, without further ado…

Let’s begin with the jeans–Dress Down Friday Look

I don’t about you, I have a problem with purchasing jeans that are distressed,  However, these jeans were done tastefully and I really love the frayed look at the bottom of the jeans. I absolutely adore the jacket and I feel the plain T-shirt fits perfectly.  Now the shoes, mmm, the color is nice but to me, they throw everything off.  A darker blue pair of shoes would be ideal.  Otherwise, everyone is going to be distracted by the shoes, and notice the outfit and how nicely it comes together. (Notice: The jacket is sporting dark denim).  What are your thoughts?    

The top is nice, the jeans ok–I have a problem with the rope on the pockets.  And those shoes, the right color but that bow. No way!   

Miroslava Duma street style

Is it just me?  But doesn’t it look like there was an additional roll up? The shoes are cute and I suppose the color was chosen to help bring out the pinstripes in the jacket.  I am just not too thrilled about ensemble at all.  You?  

NYFW Aziza azim street style

I Love Everything! The white crop top with collar goes perfectly with the jeans, it does overshadow the designs of the jeans. If anything the top makes the designs on the jeans stand out more.