Part 2 Of Have You Heard The Latest?


As I promised, I have returned to continue with today’s news trends. The next story up is about a good samaritan who was driving on HWY I-75 where he and a passenger noticed an open police car, a man in uniform on the ground and a suspect sitting on top of the uniform man with a gun to his head.  Long story short, good prevailed over evil.  Take a look for yourself. The video below this one just lets you know that the good Samaritan will not be charged.

This next story kinda broke my heart–Naval Corruption Scandal.  You see I am a Veteran, a wave–Navy.  So please forgive me for not going into details, however, here is a video on it. the FBI, there is proof that Russia is responsible for the massive hack of Yahoo.  It would appear that the FBI have been doing their due diligence and really looking into what’s going on and who is to blame for it. 

Wishing you all a good evening. Lois