Angry, Disappointed, and Stunned!

Angry, Disappointed, and Stunned,

these are just a few adjectives to describe how I feel about Alabama’s ruling on Abortion Rights. I can not believe the audacity, the gall, the absolute disturbing arrogance of the 25 men, who obviously feel they are superior to women and can dictate what women do with their body.

Honestly, where do they get off banning abortion in its entirety, and worst not even include an exemption for the victims of rape or incest? Do these men have a clue of how disastrous this law is?

This law guarantees that women will lose their lives due to botched abortions, and/or self-inflicted abortion (remember the wire coat hangers)? The bottom line, just because lawmakers prohibit an act does not mean it will cease to happen. What’s also disturbing is imposing high jail time to doctors who perform an abortion. Ninety-nine years, really that’s more time than a rapist spends in jail, does this make any sense to you?

Did these arrogant men even take into account that not all women are cut out to be mothers? Just look at the news, social media or pick up a newspaper, even consult your nearest social service agencies where you’ll read about or find out about countless children who have either been abused or worse murdered by the hands of their mother or both parents. And let’s not forget about the many children sitting in foster care or are in agencies/group homes for children awaiting a family to open up their homes to them. Not being able to have an abortion will increase (and I hate to say this) the number of unwanted children.

The Abortion law should not be an issue, Women deserve to make a choice. And sadly more and more states are jumping on the band-wagon, why can’t these lawmakers concentrate on more pressing matters. LP

Going Forward

A famous person once said, “There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” That person was Albert Einstein.

Have you ever noticed that more often in life we tend to take care of everyone else and leave ourselves shortchanged, exhausted and only wanting to take the small amount of time we’ve carved out for ourselves to catch up on things that we neglected?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a selfish self-centered individual.  However, I’ve come to realize that by my being there for others and putting my needs, desires, and dreams on the back burner that I am in fact procrastinating.  I am going the extra mile for others and using those deeds, as excuses for not doing that which I desire.  

Well no more!  I mean really, what is the purpose of setting goals if not to work towards them and rewarding oneself with the fruit of thy labor.  Isn’t that exactly what I am doing when I extend my services and/or lend a hand to others and don’t at least work on steps towards my own goals?

Going forward, I will continue to carry out acts of kindness and help whenever I can, however, each and every day, I will also work towards my goals as well. For I’ve come to realize that gratitude and change is the only way that I will be able to get to where I want to be.


Hello Friends


Hello Friends

Wow! It seems like forever since I sat in front of my computer and actually utilized my keyboard for other than searching for stuff on the internet.  I have to admit that it feels a little weird to actually put words in a prospective order, in order to form sentences on paper or in this case, a social platform.  I have somehow mentally convinced myself that a writer, I am NOT. You know, the sad thing about my mental highjacking and or loss of faith within myself is that it was all Me.   Worst, each and every time I told myself, “You can not please everyone, shake it off and get back to work,” I somehow allowed myself to fall back into a slump, or became highly agitated and boom-anxiety attack set in.

I can not honestly say that I am completely over it, but I can say that I am tired of having something to say and not saying it.  I am tired of the different stories forming in my mind and not at least putting them down in print. I mean really, have you ever felt like the stories that are in your head, and just screaming to be heard or at the very least be read?   Well, that’s exactly how I feel, and it’s time to do something about it.

I lost my mom last month (June 9th) and for the life of me, I have not been able to get a decent night sleep since finding out about her demise and dealing with her loss.  I’d like to think that it is her way of saying, “Get off your ass and start writing again!”  For she was always telling me that when she was alive.  She also always told me that I always had a way with words since I was a little girl and that I should not let my talent go to waste. I would always smile at her comments and feel a sense of pride. Now that she is gone, I can only hold to the memories and if not for myself, I must do it for my mom in her memory.

Going forward, you I will be making a lot of changes, so please bear with me. I  have made some changes already, however, I am not quite satisfied with the outcome just yet. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and I hope you guys enjoy taking the ride with me on my upcoming journey.

Virtual hugs to you all!




Fear of Our Nation Reverting To What Once Was!

Rarely do I post things about politics, racism, or on the “now President,” but I could not let this particular speech go unnoticed.  For JFK’s Nephew’s, words brought me to tears to think about what we as a Nation have accomplished and the wonderful advancements and sacrifices that have been made to bring us to a point of civility. Just to see it all being cleverly plucked and discarded, by the new President (Donald Trump).

I’ve been around people who say, “Obama brought about Racism,”  when in truth, it was his being in office, which is when people began to show their disapproval because of the color of his skin and when those who opposed, true colors began to show.  For eight years, those who opposed of President Obama were careful to continue to hide the fact that it irked them that “a man of color,” was running the Nation.

Trump’s campaign changed that, people today are throwing caution to the wind and are outright showing their disdain to those who are not White.  Sadly,  our Nation…America is no longer a place in which people from other countries long to come to live, is no longer considered a land of opportunity for all, and is no longer a safe haven for people of all races, creed or color…

“This country is strong because of its diversity…”” Great Speech. However, I feel it is in vain because Trump is doing whatever it takes to make America White again and to enslave all of those who are not!

Hello Friends

Side portrait of a dark skinned female,eyes closed



As a way of trying to reason with myself, I decided to utilize writing as my tool of courage to say what is really on my mind.  You see, as of late, I have been feeling really down and out.  I should probably seek help but by doing so it will make me feel weak, or worst feel like a crybaby crying over spilled milk. For some reason, it’s not easy for me to sit down and talk to someone, a family member, a friend or even a psychiatrist.  My problem with talking about what ails me to someone comes from the fear that I will be looked at differently.  For everyone seems to think that I am a very strong individual, and yes I am, however, that does not mean I am made of steel.

Another reason why I don’t confide my feelings to anyone is that I don’t want to burden anyone with my problems, for I know that everyone has problems of their own and they really don’t need to hear about mine. I know what you’re thinking, “Then why not talk to a psychiatrist?”  Well, I’ve tried that before and in my experience, it was a waste of time.  You see, each and each time, I find the courage to go to a psychiatrist, he or she either leave to work somewhere else or they expect me to be brave or even trusting enough to spill what’s on my mind without proper coaching.  You see, I am not very forthcoming when it comes to talking about myself.  I once had a psychiatrist, who kept looking at her watch, like she had someplace better to be or maybe what we were discussing was not interesting enough for her.

Family? Well, when it comes to family members, I am the oldest so, in my mind, I am the one whom they are supposed to come to for guidance., not the other way around  How would it look if their eldest sister leaned on her younger siblings for help or advice?

Quite honestly, I’ve never been the type of individual who dwelled on things, good or bad.  It is in my opinion, that things have a way of working themselves out.  And so I keep a stiff upper lip, grin and bear it all.  I strongly believe that “What does not kill you makes you stronger,” hence my reason for not bellyaching.  Besides that, I feel that although my situation may be bad, that there is someone in the world whose situation is even worst.

Most of the time I reason with  myself thinking, “Girl, you know you have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, perhaps you’re overreacting just a tad bit.”  Which causes me to re-examine my situation, my anger or sadness and say, “Drop a nickel in the bucket and say Fuck it!”  Well, as you can imagine that damn bucket is almost full  and it’s time I invest in a new one, or maybe I should get a case of empty jars, in which to scream into when things become a little too hectic and I want to tear a patch of my skin off and sit quietly while I examine it, or when I feel so very low, that I wished a lived near a highway where I could just walk into busy traffic and end it all.

The funny thing about it all is that it is a normal feeling, it is a feeling I’ve had all my life and I’ve always been able to settle down control that feeling of self-destruction by way of utilization of devices or shall I say, “distractions.” But now that I’m older and those old devices that I used at one time to deal or numb the pain, just do not do it anymore nor are they part of my life.

Even as I am writing to you now I feel myself already stalling and not coming clean with what really bothers me.  I suppose I will find the courage to do so in my next installment

Until then,

(c) %e



White Supremacists Enter Houston’s 3rd Ward Carrying Confederate Flags & Racist Slogans

All I have to say is Thank-you Donald Trump for lifting the hoods off of the existing racists & bigots in America. If by some miracle Trump does get into the White House, we can expect to see more of these shameless displays. The question is “How is America going to recover if Trump does not become our President?” For I am sure just as I am aware of the people in my life that are for Trump, I know you too know quite a few of his followers as well. Will be able to honestly see them in the same light as before? LP

United States Hypocrisy

Armed with assault rifles, confederate flags and white supremacist slogans, a group of the extreme fascist right-wing calling itself ‘white lives matter’ stood on the grounds of the Houston Chapter of the historic civil rights organization – the N.A.A.C.P. – to sing the praises of police officers who’ve killed unarmed Black people and decry activists who’ve spoken out against police abuse. They claimed to be exercising their “second amendment right to defend ourselves”, despite their going into the overwhelmingly black third ward to spread their toxic agenda.

Perhaps not surprisingly these white supremacists with their stated pro-cop agenda were barricaded and protected by police officers. It goes without saying that the response to this demonstration on the part of police was completely different from their response to Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Imagine for a moment organizers of a #BLM march carrying assault rifles and wearing bullet proof vests! You can’t imagine it…

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