Hello Friends

Finally, finally, finally, I found the perfect theme! I am so very excited! Unfortunately, you’ll notice that there are many posts here that do not show pictures. As a result my blog looks like it’s under construction. For that I apologize, I will be adding pictures as soon as I can. So please bear with me. 🙂

I’ve been busy setting up a Facebook page entitled, “TheUnapologiclesbian.com,” and a Facebook group entitled, “TheUnapologeticLes, after visiting the page, you will see that you can easily get to the group by clicking on groups right from the FB page.

The Facebook page is primarily, what you will see here on the blog, I’ve set that up for people who don’t want to create an account here on WordPress. The Facebook group will have excerpts from this blog as well as other things. I created the group as a place to socialize, share thoughts, and to just chat. Since it appears that we are a ways off from the pandemic being over, I intend to host virtual socializing in the near future, about every three months. It has become essential for us to find new venues for meeting people and socializing, so I am looking forward to seeing you there.

Now that I’ve gotten all of my good news out the way…How was your January? So much has been going on here in the United States, with one President leaving, talking about voting fraud, and causing an inserrection. Getting impeach and having all five of his lawyers quitting on him because he wants to continue harping on voter fraud as opposed to the impeachment. SMH! Oh Donald, give it up, the election is over, the better man has won, so deal with it.

Speaking of the new President, Mr. Biden, has been hard at work righting the wrongs of his predecessor. I am especially happy about the reinstatement of LGBT+ rights, citing the Supreme Court rulings (more about this to come).

Lastly, I must make mention of the great people we lost in January. Here are a few: Cicely Tyson, SOPHIE, Cloris Leachman, Larry King, and Hank Aaron. May they all rest in peace and my condole scenes to their family.

Until tomorrow! Lois

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