Capitol Insurrection — It Is What It Is

Photo: The Atlanta

And to think, that the man responsible still feels he did nothing wrong. Note, he was suppose to walk with these people, however, it is rumored that he was advised against it and is said to have held a “Capitol Watch Party,” something to make you think hmmm.

Thank you, “It Is What It Is,” for reposting this. I so agree with you about this attack on the Capitol being quite scary. Since the attack, we have learned so much about how this was not at all a peaceful rally or protest. These people never even had the word peaceful in their minds when they marched on the capitol. They were definitely out for blood.

You know what’s so very ironic, is that when the members of the Black Lives Matters, were protesting, last year, people were all up in arms. The negativity was so thick, and the news media had no problem showing their disdain. But knowing that this “Out for Blood,” mob came equipped with blueprints, memorized locations of where top officials offices were located, or worst were aided by members of Congress, to do the unspeakably, the outrage is still not as brutal as it was for the BLM protestors.

Yes, some of the protestors got out of hand, yes property was destroyed, and there is no excuse for that. Still, I just wonder if the way in which the Capital Storming was handled, would have been handled the same way if the crowd were of a Black majority instead of a White majority. I believe the phrase “hmmm,” is needed here as well.

Originally posted on By Hook Or By Book: It’s only been a little over a week since the attack on the Capitol, but as more information comes out it’s abundantly clear that it could have been even worse. Mixed amidst the “Stop the Steal” mob, were people with military and police training and there’s an…

Capitol Insurrection — It Is What It Is

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