Black Lives Matter: Six Poems — Discover

I am sharing this post that I found on “Discover,” because “Black Lives Matter,” and because there are way too many Black individuals who have and are still losing their lives by the hands of the police. The infusement of hatred and bigotry that is being so brazenly diplayed by individuals who seem to reap joy in hurting other human beings, because of the color of their skin, race, religion, and sexual preferences, has to stop. It really should not be so hard for those who harnest so much disdain towards others to just live their lives and allow others to live theirs.

I’ve read and listened to each of the poems here and boy did they touch my soul, and so I am sharing them with you here. Thanks “Discover,” ever so much for posting them.

Poetry can often channel grief, pain, solidarity, and resistance in ways that everyday language can’t.

Black Lives Matter: Six Poems — Discover

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