Did You Watch The Debate Last Night?

Did you watch the first Presidential debate between Biden and Trump? The topic for last night’s debate were as follows: Trump & Biden’s Records, The Supreme Court, Covid-19, The Economy, Race and Violence in the Cities, The Integrity of the Election, and Trump’s taxes. If you watched the Presidential debate, you were probably just as pissed off as I was with the behavior of Trump. It was a catastrophe, however, if you asked my opinion as to who won the debate, I would have to side with Biden, because he was the opponent who did his best in answering questions and in giving out factual information. What are your thoughts?

Joe Biden did his best to answer the questions put before him by Wallace, however, Trump just would not allow it. He was a five year old on a school playground, throwing out insults, misinformation, and intimidation. It was terrible. Trump never answered any questions directly, he began answering, but always found a way to steer his answers in direction of cutting up Biden and Obama. The man even found a way to throw in Hillary. Geez!

I don’t know about you but I would have like to hear more about Biden’s new tax and health plan, especially, how he intends to bring our country to a vibrate economy. It’s apparent that Trump had another agenda, and whether he knows it or not, he just continues to show just how much of an embarrassment and disgrace he is to America. Deepening the distrust and hatred of other countries toward America.

We were never a country that was well-liked by others, and that was because of our independence, our free speech, and other liberties that some may or may not have taken for granted, however, we were a country nonetheless that was looked upon as a land of opportunity. And since Trump has taken office that slogan that most of us Americans were proud of has changed. According to and what I and countless other Americans, define what America means today, is that America is no longer the land of opportunity for all, instead, it is the land of opportunity for only Caucasians. For it seems that Trump is hell-bent on taking America back in time to when race issues were at their worst. This White Supremacists. And slowly but surely, this country is slipping backward, to the praise of those who are in power now and to all the racists and bigots individuals who refuse to move forward and live in a country of unity and peace.

What are your thoughts? Please do share.

Lois Percente

What's Your Opinion? Please Share.

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