Good Morning Friends!

Hello Friends!

Hello, Howdy, and How are you? Its been so very long since I thought about, let alone had the time to sit and type out my thoughts here.

As always, whenever I go on a long hiatus, I return to a barely recognizable, upgraded, fresh way of posting what’s on my mind on WordPress. Although, it takes some time getting use to, one must admit that it is great that changes have been made to not take away from, but to improve and showcase the artistic flair of writers here on this platform. To that I say, “Kudos WordPress! Keep those improvements coming!”

How is everyone doing during this very unexpected and sudden plague that has been literally place on the steps of everyone’s door. More and more people are suffering from the virus, either personally, or by way of a friend or family member. When word of the virus became known to us peons, we were all nervous, and prayed that we would be spared from it. But as days became weeks, and weeks became months, we found out the hard way that this plague does not discriminate and has taken countless lives of many, young and old. And worst of all the plague is still among us and we are told that a cure is forth coming, and that the testing/trials will begin shortly, if they have not begun already. To this, we can only hope something positive comes from the trials and stay hopeful that a drug and/or vaccine will become available by the early part of next year, fingers crossed.

Until then, continue to don your masks and please stay safe.

Lois P.

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