Angry, Disappointed, and Stunned!

Angry, Disappointed, and Stunned,

these are just a few adjectives to describe how I feel about Alabama’s ruling on Abortion Rights. I can not believe the audacity, the gall, the absolute disturbing arrogance of the 25 men, who obviously feel they are superior to women and can dictate what women do with their body.

Honestly, where do they get off banning abortion in its entirety, and worst not even include an exemption for the victims of rape or incest? Do these men have a clue of how disastrous this law is?

This law guarantees that women will lose their lives due to botched abortions, and/or self-inflicted abortion (remember the wire coat hangers)? The bottom line, just because lawmakers prohibit an act does not mean it will cease to happen. What’s also disturbing is imposing high jail time to doctors who perform an abortion. Ninety-nine years, really that’s more time than a rapist spends in jail, does this make any sense to you?

Did these arrogant men even take into account that not all women are cut out to be mothers? Just look at the news, social media or pick up a newspaper, even consult your nearest social service agencies where you’ll read about or find out about countless children who have either been abused or worse murdered by the hands of their mother or both parents. And let’s not forget about the many children sitting in foster care or are in agencies/group homes for children awaiting a family to open up their homes to them. Not being able to have an abortion will increase (and I hate to say this) the number of unwanted children.

The Abortion law should not be an issue, Women deserve to make a choice. And sadly more and more states are jumping on the band-wagon, why can’t these lawmakers concentrate on more pressing matters. LP

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