Hello Friends


Hello Friends

Wow! It seems like forever since I sat in front of my computer and actually utilized my keyboard for other than searching for stuff on the internet.  I have to admit that it feels a little weird to actually put words in a prospective order, in order to form sentences on paper or in this case, a social platform.  I have somehow mentally convinced myself that a writer, I am NOT. You know, the sad thing about my mental highjacking and or loss of faith within myself is that it was all Me.   Worst, each and every time I told myself, “You can not please everyone, shake it off and get back to work,” I somehow allowed myself to fall back into a slump, or became highly agitated and boom-anxiety attack set in.

I can not honestly say that I am completely over it, but I can say that I am tired of having something to say and not saying it.  I am tired of the different stories forming in my mind and not at least putting them down in print. I mean really, have you ever felt like the stories that are in your head, and just screaming to be heard or at the very least be read?   Well, that’s exactly how I feel, and it’s time to do something about it.

I lost my mom last month (June 9th) and for the life of me, I have not been able to get a decent night sleep since finding out about her demise and dealing with her loss.  I’d like to think that it is her way of saying, “Get off your ass and start writing again!”  For she was always telling me that when she was alive.  She also always told me that I always had a way with words since I was a little girl and that I should not let my talent go to waste. I would always smile at her comments and feel a sense of pride. Now that she is gone, I can only hold to the memories and if not for myself, I must do it for my mom in her memory.

Going forward, you I will be making a lot of changes, so please bear with me. I  have made some changes already, however, I am not quite satisfied with the outcome just yet. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and I hope you guys enjoy taking the ride with me on my upcoming journey.

Virtual hugs to you all!




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