Have You Heard The Latest?



Good Afternoon,

I have to admit, I thought that this was going to be an easy task, however, I had no idea as to where I was going to begin or what I should share.  Making it much easier than reading every headline, I went to a reputable source–ABC’s News Videos where I watched a bunch of videos and received a great dose of trending news.  I’ve included the URL should you like to watch for yourself and down below you find a short summary and a YouTube video of what is trending on the news today.

The first of  which was on the Amtrak Train that dumped a load of snow on awaiting passengers. This one is so funny because everyone seem to be occupied that they didn’t even notice what was about to happen to them.  Talk about your ultimate snow fight!  Check this out!



The Mall Carjacking Murder Trial began today.  A couple celebrating their wedding anniversary and doing some shopping at one of New Jersey’s vestiges mall (Shorthill Mall) was carjacked.  The husband was shot and later died at the hospital and the wife who was already in the car was ordered to get out and the suspects sped off in the couples luxury van.  



An Avondale woman was kidnapped and locked in the trunk of her car, the suspects drove to a gas station where they entered the store and used her credit card.  When the suspects left and pull out, the victim some how unlocked the trunk and jump of the moving car.  How lucky for her.  See the video below.


Where can one get technology that does not catch fire or blow up?  I know you’ve heard about the Samsung Cell phones catching fire and since then they have been banned from airline flights. It seems now one must worry about headphones as well.  A woman traveling to Australia fell asleep and when she woke up her face was burned, her hand and hair were singe from her headphone exploding. 



I hope you enjoyed this segment, I will return later with more news.  Drop me a couple of lines to let me know what you think.  Lois


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