Shameful History

Just by looking at this pic, without even reading its caption, I knew immediately that this pic and the posting would be about the gross mistreatment befell by the individuals pictured here.  It saddens me to read about the horric acts of man against another, just because of the color of their skin. What saddens me, even more, is that that same belief that was responsible for the befalling of these victims are still the type of thoughts that ponder in the minds of RACIST individuals today.

Thanks, “Moorbey’z Blog? for the history lesson, I have to say that I was quite surprised to read about Hitler’s role in bringing together the two Races.  But as they say,”You learn something new everyday,”–in this case, thanks to you!  LP

by GARIKAI CHENGU Global outrage was sparked when the Zimbabwean lion, Cecil was killed as a trophy; but to this day, Britain and America continue to display in museums human remains that are human trophies of their massacres and subjugation of indigenous populations. Britain has recently revealed that it is currently negotiating with Zimbabwe over the […]

via Europe’z Forgotten History: From Human Zooz to Human Trophiez Displayed in Museum Today — Moorbey’z Blog

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