Its Friday!


office-happy-frdayWhat is it about three-day weekends that leaves us a little confused when it comes to returning to work?  Tuesday comes around and I am thinking it is Monday and so on throughout the week.  The only day I don’t get too confused about is Fridays-it’s like all of sudden everything becomes clear again!  No confusion that it might be Thursday, no sir!  LOL!

I feel like the week just flew by and I look at my “To Do List,” and I am pleasantly surprised that I’ve actually completed each task that I’ve set for myself.  YES!  However, I’ve noticed that there were a couple of  things that were not on the list that should have been, apparently my brain is still stuck on Holiday mode and I’m like, “I Don’t Know…”  Mercy, mercy, me!  

Oh well, next week is a new week and everything will be back to normal until Thanksgiving when we get another three-day weekend.  😦   I know November is so far away, but check it we only have three months left in the year. Wow!  Can you believe it?

Enough of getting ahead of myself.  I wish you a wonderful Friday, I hope the time flies and you get your “To Do List,” completed.  And most of all I wish you  a Fantastic Friday and Glorious Weekend! 



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