No Pain, No Gain!

Pain is your weakness


On the 8th of August, I pledged (to myself) that I would work out daily, and thus far I have kept my word. Yay me! I found this motivational quote on FB and I just had to share it with you because it describes perfectly the soreness I feel throughout my whole body.  Thank goodness the soreness is temporary, and also a blessing because it tells me that I am doing well in working every muscle and that I am not slacking. :)!



This is a picture of my workout area.  I have strategically positioned my workout area, so it is one of the first things I see after descending the steps to my basement.  Little by little I add more apparatuses as I increase my regiment, keeping it fresh.  What’s so cool is that I along with the aching, I am also beginning to see definition in my arms, legs, and stomach.  Can’t wait to reach my goal-but hey one day at a time.

Remember you have to be in it, to win it!  Don’t give up, just keep going!

Until next time,





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