Tips for Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle!

salmon and avocado dinner

Eat Healthy Fats

You already know that saturated fats are bad for your arteries and heart health. But they can also harm your concentration and memory. So cut down on the red meat, butter, and other such foods. Instead, add more fatty fish and fats from plants, like flaxseed and nuts. These healthy fats may have extra benefits for your heart and your brain.

woman and dog

Fill Your Empty Nest

If your kids have moved out and your home feels empty, think about adopting a pet. People with cats and dogs seem to have lower cholesterol and less risk of heart disease. They also need fewer doctors’ visits. We don’t know why exactly pets seem to help. But at the very least, having a dog that needs walks is a great way to build in daily exercise.

man jogging

Protect Your Joints

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to give up your morning run. People used to think running would wreck their knees. But new research suggests it might actually strengthen them. It doesn’t seem to raise your risk of arthritis either.

That said, if you have arthritis or damaged joints, running could be too much. But you can still benefit from exercise. It helps strengthen muscles, support your joints, and lessen pain. So choose low-impact activities like walking or biking instead.

Courtesy of Web MD for more tips go to:

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