Pesticides Are Not Good For Our Health!

Here’s an interesting article I found on the Consumer’s Report website, in reference to pesticides and long-term use.  According to this article, the testing was done on farmers, who use pesticides.  Because of their direct contact, as well as their family members direct contact, the results showing that they were all at risk for chronic health problems.



“What’s the evidence that pesticides hurt your health?

A lot of the data comes from studies of farm workers, who work with these chemicals regularly. Studies have linked long-term pesticide exposure in this group to increased risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease; prostate, ovarian, and other cancers; depression; and respiratory problems. There’s some suggestion that adults and children living in farm communities could also be at risk for chronic health problems.”

Accordingly, because we the consumer are not in direct contact of the spraying of these chemicals the consumption of food and the usage of products, generally exposes us to the minimum residue.  However, because these studies are inconclusive, because testing has not been performed on consumers who have long-term usage of either.  

“The rest of us may not handle the stuff, but we are exposed to food, water, and air. The fact that pesticide residues are generally below EPA tolerance limits is sometimes used as “proof” that the health risks are minimal. But the research used to set these tolerances is limited.

Here we are told that we the consumers are exposed to many chemicals that have known or suspected carcinogenic or endoctrine disrupting properties.  These chemicals block or mimic the action of hormones even in low doses, and are factored into EPA pesticides.  This chemical causes reproductive disorders, birth defects and causes cancer.

In a 2010 report on environmental cancer risks, the President’s Cancer Panel (an expert committee that monitors the country’s cancer program) wrote: “The entire U.S. population is exposed on a daily basis to numerous agricultural chemicals. … Many of these chemicals have known or suspected carcinogenic or endocrine-disrupting properties.” Endocrine disruptors can block or mimic the action of hormones, even at low doses. “Endocrine effects aren’t sufficiently factored into the EPA pesticide tolerance levels,” Crupain says. “And there’s concern they could cause reproductive disorders; birth defects; and breast, prostate, and other hormone-related cancers.”

Wow!  Mind-blowing isn’t it.  I get it, I really do.  If our government was to expose this information throughout the US, many people would probably switch to utilizing organic products at the drop of a hat.  

Sadly this would result in companies losing a lot of money, but in all honesty shouldn’t the consumers’ health be the first priority?  Or should it be that of the manufacturers who use these chemicals for mass production knowingly that they are harmful to consumers in which they will be sold to?

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