Happy Tuesday!

You may have noticed that I was AWOL last week.  I took on a work assignment that ended on Friday and I have to tell ya, it was not easy getting up early.  Once my body became accustomed to the early morning routine, the assignment ended.  Isn’t that how it goes?

In any case, you may have also noticed that I have a few new categories added to the Home page:

“Shine the Spotlight”- this section will host on a monthly basis ordinary people who go above and beyond the call of duty to assist others, or who have just remarkable stories, and who are just plain great and need to be dotted on.

“Why Live Organically?” – I decided to add this section because as of late June, I have been educating myself on Organic products and have been slowly moving toward living, “chemical and toxic free.”  This section will host different products that I’ve tried and hopefully products that others have tried and can recommend.  As well as great places, websites and/or events hosting and selling Organic products.

I hope you enjoy the new categories and you share your thoughts, feelings & knowledge as well.  You can either comment here or email me at purplesilkykisses@gmail.com.  At this time I would like to Welcome and thank all the new people who are now following.  “HUGS!”

Here’s wishing you a wonderful Tuesday!  I have another interview today, wish me luck!





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