The Obesity Code – Dr. Jason Fung

As you know watching my weight and staying fit is my number one goal. So every time I come across literature that will aid me in doing so, I’m all over it. Thank you Simple Living Over 50 for the share.

Simple Living Over 50


Everything you believe about how to lose weight is wrong. Weight gain and obesity are driven by hormones—in everyone—and only by understanding the effects of insulin and insulin resistance can we achieve lasting weight loss.

In this highly readable and provocative book, Dr. Jason Fung sets out an original, robust theory of obesity that provides startling insights into proper nutrition. In addition to his five basic steps, a set of lifelong habits that will improve your health and control your insulin levels, Dr. Fung explains how to use intermittent fasting to break the cycle of insulin resistance and reach a healthy weight—for good.
Rather than blogging I have started sinking my mind into this book. It may be the first modern breakthrough in truly understanding not only what makes us gain weight but also what is the root cause for Type II Diabetes. I think that a little time…

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