Getting & Staying Fit!

30 ways to keep the weight off

Back in the beginning of the month,  I mentioned. “The Master Cleanse.” (detox program) and how I was going to try it.  I was really excited about it and even more excited about the weight I dropping in a matter of days.  Then it occurred to me that I would probably gain back all that weight as soon as  I began eating and the ten days were over.  Knowing that gaining the weight back would bring me down, I decided on a compromise of sorts.

After three days of just drinking water and dropping five or six  pounds, I decided that what I needed was to change my diet and maintain an exercise regiment and not starve myself.  Although the idea behind, “The Master Cleanse,” was to cleanse the system and then re-teach your system how to eat again, their way would have taken at 15 days.  Instead I chose to continue drinking the Lemon Water, along with eating more vegetables and fruits. 

Now along with exercise, “The Master Cleanse” water, and at least one salad and one or two fruits a day, I am happy to say that I am accomplishing what I’ve wanted all along–LOSING WEIGHT!  During “The Master Cleanse Diet,” I went down to 197.8 lbs from 204 lbs.  I am now at 192.4.  Yay!  I make sure to exercise even if it means I have to get up 6 am to do so, then I jump into the shower and prepare for my day.

I have to tell ya, there is nothing like stepping on the scale and hearing repeatedly that I am losing instead of my weight going up and down.  I’m loving it and more-so I am thankful for finally finding a solution that actually works.


cartoon exercising




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