The Bestie (Lesbian Romance) Just the beginning

(So if you read my post from yesterday entitled, “New Writing Project,” I mentioned that I was working on my writing again.  Here is just the beginning of a new story that I’ve been working on in my head. Time to bring it to life.  Keep in mind its a rough draft.  Let me know what you think.)

The Bestie

The Bestie

Alyssa was not sure when it began, for Christ sakes, she was keeping a daily journal of her life, activities, thoughts and feelings (truthfully pouring out her soul religiously) and there was nothing written on those pages to even suggest this new revelation.  Or was there? Alyssa was beginning to wonder whether or not she had written this revelation somewhere in invisible ink, where even she herself couldn’t see.  The thought of reading her journal from cover to cover since the day she met Aja, occurred to her but she was quite sure that she would not find anything.

Maybe Alyssa’s sister Melissa was wrong.  Damn Melissa for planting this bug in her head.  Alyssa loved her twin sister, but hated being psychoanalyzed by her. Melissa always had a way of making Alyssa dig deeper within herself and face that of which she was not interested in facing.

Alyssa thanked the stars above that Melissa didn’t often butr into her life, however, she had to admit that on the rare occasions that she did, Melissa had a reason for doing so and most importantly she was always right.

“Are you serious, you don’t see it?” Melissa asked.

“No, you’re mistaken, and let’s just leave it at that!” Alyssa spat.

“Not only am the oldest, but I’m a psychiatrist, I know about these things.”

“Hmph! First of all you are only two minutes older and you’re always playing the psychiatrist card when you want to get your point across.  So let’s just say for fun, you’re right, why would I want to turn the tables now when things are going so well?”

“Ummm, let’s see, it’s been almost two years now.  I think it’s safe to say that the two are you are well into your comfort zone with each other. You two look  good together and it is quite apparent that the two of you share more than a friendship.”

“Meaning what?” Alyssa inquired.

“Come on, are you telling me nothing physical has transpired between the two of you?”

They were sitting across from each other at the marble kitchen counter, looking straight at each other. Melissa was watching her sister’s reaction to her question and realization set in.

“You haven’t, have you?” Melissa asked very surprised.

Tongue in cheek, Alyssa responded, “No.”

“Not even a kiss?”

“Not even a kiss.” Alyssa responded honestly.

“Well no wonder it’s not clear to you that you’re harvesting feelings for her.  And those feelings are more than friendship.”

“Honestly Sis, I’ve just been enjoying my time with her. Nothing more.”

“What’s going to happen when she decides she’s ready to date?”

“What? What the fuck! Look, don’t do this, not now! Ok?”  Alyssa said getting up to fix them both a Scotch on the rocks.

Ignoring Alyssa’s protest, Melissa continued, “Surely you’ve given it some thought.  Or do you think that she’s going to wait for you forever? You have to know women are asking her out.”

“Yes, I am very aware, she always tells me about the invitations, and how she’s not interested.  We talk about it and continue on.  You’re not going to drop this subject are you?”

“No, we don’t get to talk much, and while we’re both free, it’s the best time.  Plus, Fox is back in town.”


“So, Fox  has it bad for Aja.  Don’t you feel that maybe you should examine your feelings for Aja?”

Alyssa said nothing, she took a swallow of her drink and looking away from her sister whom she could see out of the corner of her eyes smiling.  Returning the smile, Alyssa tuned to face Melissa taking another sip from her drink.

“Would it make you happy if I promise to give it some thought?”

“Absolutely!”  Melissa said with a big grin.

Changing the subject, the two sisters began to talk about the party that they were hosting in a couple of weeks for their birthday.  They were both excited, they always planned a two week trip somewhere exotic by their definition.  This year they decided that they would go to an secluded island.

“You know I was just thinking, this is going to be the first time…” Alyssa began and stopped, looking at her sister seriously.

“The first time what?” Melissa inquired.

“If I tell you, please do not get your panties in a twist, with that self-righteous, I told you so monogram.”

Laughing hysterically, Melissa replied, “I promise.”

“This is going to be the very first birthday trip in which I don’t have to feel like I’m walking on egg shells, or have to try and avoid an argument with my girlfriend.  And even though Aja and I are not a couple, I feel that I am in a relationship because we’re together all the time, every day and every night. With all the time we spend with each other we haven’t had one major fight, more like disagreements, but we always seem to make up soon after.  So yes, there may be some truth to what you’re saying, but we’re having such a good time with each without the label and I’m afraid that things will go terribly wrong if we were to move to the next level.”

LHP (c) 26 April 2016

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