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We all use cell phones, they have become a vital part of our lives.  A lot of us don’t even deal with landlines anymore.  And what’s the point, right?  We have grown accustomed to having our phones with us everywhere we go.  Cell phones are not just for communicating with others anymore, oh no, they now serve a higher purpose in our lives.

Back in the day when I was growing up and penny loafers were in style, (I know some of you may have no idea what I’m talking about, and those of you who do are probably bobbing your heads up and down, smiling in agreeance) my mother made me replace the pennies with dimes so I could make a phone call, (utilizing the phone booths–that use to exist) in case of an emergency.  The days of carrying loose change in our pockets and purses are long over and for emergencies, we have trusted phones in which we can pull out of our pockets or purses when in a jam. Heck, we even have portable charges in which to juice our phones when the batteries are running low. 🙂

Yes the utilization of cells are not just for making calls, now we schedule appointments, prepare shopping lists, set reminders, play games, text one another, share photos and documents and listen to music.  If you were to take a poll around town, you would probably find that people actually prefer to text than talking.  Why? Well, because it allows people to multitask.

And in knowing these manufacturers provide phones to different carriers, like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and US Cellular, who have plans which in my opinion are good for some but not for all.  For instance, if you decide to get a phone for yourself and your family, well this is where plans come in handy. But what if you’re single and don’t want a plan and all the added fees that you will see on your bill?  You find yourself looking at your bill each month cursing under your breath and saying, “What the hell are all these fees?”

If you are anything like me you probably decided to check out the pay-as-you-go plans or prepaid carriers.  Happily, you’ll find that there are many companies out there that do offer prepaid service but be sure to do your research first.  If you use your phone for many things you want a carrier that offers, unlimited talk and unlimited text at a low monthly price as well as great phones.  I found a “Mega List: Best Prepaid Wireless and Pay-As-You-Go Plans” which is definitely a good read.

The downfall of going prepaid is that you will find that all the pre-paid carriers have good phones, but only 8GB.  Which is not enough memory, especially if you are an “I Got That App,” kind of person.  I am presently with Boost Mobile, $33.00 mth, with increasing GB monthly.  Keep in mind though, this is only with automatic payments deductions not too bad of deal.

The only problem that exists is that of finding a great phone, preferably one that is going to have more than 8GB.  I did some research and found out that some stores do have great phones, iPhones, and Samsung, but they want the full price for them.  So I did some research and found Gazelle, where one can buy a good phone, used, but cheaper and more GBs.  They have a variety of phones and the ones attached to carriers are cheaper than the unlocked phones.  I would rather buy an AT&T phone at a good price (some as low as $179.99) but with 16 GBs rather than purchasing a brand new phone for $199.99 with 8 GBs and take it to AT&T get it unlocked and go with my carrier. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but I feel its worth it.  But hey that’s just me, to each its own.

Lois H. Percente   (c) 25 April 2016

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