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I have finally begun my new writing project which is actually almost 4 years over do. I could say that life got in the way but the simple truth is that I was not very happy with the reviews from my first published project.  It’s amazing how one can lose faith in themselves by allowing negative reviews dictate their future projects.

Yes I have to admit that I fell pry to the negativity and just stopped doing what I really enjoy, which is stepping out of reality and stepping into fantasy where I can forget about the bustle of the day, the politics that we are being bombarded with, and the horrific crimes and hate that plagues our country.  I mean really, who wouldn’t want to escape for a while?

For the last three plus years I have been shutting out the stories that have been forming in my mind and instead concentrating on other things.  I even signed up for another two years of school, studying for a second Master’s degree, this time in English/Creative Writing, just so I could have an excuse not to write.  And I was able to push aside the forming  fictions that plagued my mind and concentrate on school work for a while.

I thought I was being sly for a while, however, once I got close to completing my degree came the courses in which I had to put my fear in check and produce stories upon stories at the drop of a dime.  I have to tell you it was a little nerve wrecking at first because I was frighten to show my creative side, or just afraid of receiving a bad review or dare I say bad press.

What I figured out in doing the writing exercises for a grade, and peer review was what I already knew.  Everyone has a writing style, no two people write the same.  There are folks who have similar writing styles but everyone has their own unique spin on their creativity.  There are going to be people who like my writing and there are going to be those who hate it and that because each individual is unique in their own way.  Which doesn’t at all mean that what I produce is crap, it just that my writing or my stories, or my creativity just is not every one’s cup of tea. Plain and simple.

In the end I am glad that I did return to school for that second Master although I couldn’t finished because I  ran out of financial aid money–just 4 classes shy–ugh!  In any case I decided not to stress about it, for I know that one day I will return.  Besides maybe it’s like they say, “Everything happens for a reason.”  Maybe this all happened to show me that I am capable and that there are people out there that will nod in approval of my writing and there are going to be people out there that do not like my work.  What’s important is that I continue to do what it is that I enjoy doing in the pursuit of my own happiness. Besides, how else will I improve if I don’t at least try?

So for those of you who read my book, “Hopelessly in Love,” thank you and hopefully by the end of this year I will be able to say that I’ve published book number two.  Oh and just in case you’re wondering “Hopelessly in Love,” by Lois H. Percente is a lesbian romance and can be found on



2 Replies to “New Writing Project”

  1. Babe, don’t worry about the haters. People speaking out negatively about someone is usually the result if their own life sucking. You’re a phenomenal writer and I’ll always be your biggest fan!!

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