Wisdom is one of the most important things in life…

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.    Wisdom is one of the most important things in life.  For without wisdom, one’s life may be essentially like an empty shell; such a life would very possibly be like a light bulb that has no illumination; it would be like a caterpillar that never changes into a true butterfly.  Without wisdom, one may, indeed, lead a very comfortable life, a very financially secure, safe, and luxurious life.   However, without that inner profundity (of wisdom)… such an outwardly appearing “successful” life is likely (largely) a rather cadaverous existence.   Without true compassion, heartfelt awareness for all, deep insight, and non-fragmented perception…  deep wisdom is not.  One cannot have true wisdom if one merely fits in nicely into the indifferent edicts of society, while languidly allowing things to remain as they are.  The vast disorder (of society) may seem to be overwhelming; but…

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