April Showers?

Sunday HugsGood Morning,

Sending you beautiful flowers and hugs today.  Hoping for some in return, and boy do I need them. LOL.  It would appear that Mother Nature has been playing a really cruel  April Fool’s joke on us (Illinois residents) one day after the 1st. 

Yesterday, we woke up to a fresh layer of snow, and then the sun came out melting it all, however, as we drove to Lake Geneva, WI we encountered wacky weather along the way.  It would appear that “She,” (Mother Nature) wasn’t done with us, for as we drove to WI, we encountered high winds, hail and snow depending on which city we  driving through. It was truly amazing to see because the sun was shining brightly throughout it all.

As I sit in my office today and look out the window, it all seems calm with lots of sunshine for now and wonder what Mother Nature has in store for us today.  LOL.  So here’s wishing you all a great and lovely Sunday.


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