How Quickly Time Flies…

time fliesAnother weekend is upon and the month of March seems to be zooming by with a quickness. This past weekend the wife, my mom and I moved into a beautiful ranch duplex in Woodstock, IL.  What a beauty it is! 

Although I’m still exciting about the move and a little in awe of our new dwelling, I am also worn out from unpacking.  Its been almost a week and I still have quite a  few boxes left to unpack and store away.  But, I  must admit I am looking forward to decorating, so much so that I’ve been dividing my time with unpacking, storing and a little decorating. 

Now that we are in a bigger place, with lots of room I am looking forward to the warmer weather and going out and about looking for great fines at garage sales, antique shops, and furniture stores.  Most importantly, my wife and I look forward to entertaining again, and catching up with friends and family members.

Well its time for me to get my day started.  Here’s wishing you all a great day and a fantastic weekend.




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