Say It Ain’t So!!!!

Ellen and Portia vintageTongues are truly flapping and the social media rags are  all talking about Ellen and Portia DeGeneres’ doomed marriage.  It appears that the two women after seven years of marriage are calling it quits.  I am hoping with the deepest of all sincerity that this isn’t so, but more than one social media rag has the same story causing me to dig deeper to find whether the rumors are true or fabricated.

According to many media rags, Portia is dating one of her “Scandal” co-stars Matthew Del Negro.  You know the guy who plays Cyrus’ husband on Scandal. Matthew Del Negro 2 Isn’t that ironic that Portia is believed to having an affair or is now dating a co-star who plays a gay character.  Another thing which would make this scenario even worst, or a kick in the head for Ellen, is that she was the one, who got Portia the role she plays on Scandal in the first place, by pulling strings.  And to be repaid by having an affairs would be unforgivable. Matthew Del Negro 1

Still as I mentioned this is all just hear-say, once I see it in People Magazine or on TMZ I will continue to hope that these two women are still working on their relationship and eventually prove that these recent rumors are false.  Here’s to Ellen and Portia, may you guys find the solution to all that ails your relationship and may you two continue to love and grow as one.

Lois P.

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