I Refuse To Give Up!


I'm getting rid of the weightLooking back at my blog posts, I’ve noticed that the last time I posted something in reference to weight loss and my  struggleswas back in January.  Even though I’ve continued to exercise daily, as opposed to losing weight, I seem to be gaining. And as you can imagine I have been beside myself with disappointment.

At first I thought that maybe the weight gain was a result of the type of exercises I was doing, for I’ve been doing a lot of strength training.  And not enough of running or walking, you know to keep an even keel.  And I tried the vegetarian trip but still, where at one time I would see immediate weight loss, I saw none.

So I went on-line and looked up weight loss and looked for some other program or solution.  I came across many different diets and most of them give you a very long commentary and if you don’t fall asleep to the excessive talking and testimonies, you finally get to the bottom where you are asked for credit card information to buy some product.  And quite frankly I am tired of these types of products for they don’t work for everyone.  I read some where that the quick loss products work best on people between the ages of 18-30.  But once an individual gets into their 40s and up, their bodies are already going through changes and their metabolism slows down, which is why exercise is so important even if its  only 20-30 minutes a day.

Equipped with this new information, I decided to look for a detox program, so I could get rid of all the toxins in my body and retrain my body. It occurred to me that maybe the reason why I was no longer seeing any results was because I needed a good cleanse.  So back to the internet in search of a good detox program in which I could make at home. I came across the Lemonade Diet where one uses simple ingredients:

fresh lemons

Organic syrup

Organic cayenne pepper and


While at the market this weekend I stock up on the above ingredients and followed the directions from  The Master Cleanse websiteYesterday after my shower I weighted myself and I weighted 204.2 lbs.  I began drinking my water yesterday as well (7 bottles of the lemonade which I prepared in the morning), and I couldn’t believe what my scale said this morning, 200lbs!  No lie! Finally, I found something I can prepare at home and it really works.  Keep in mind that if you try this, you only drink lemonade for 10 days, no food.







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