February Goals

The best way to achieve one’s goal is to remember to set the steps that you’ll need to take in order to acquire your goal.

Just trying to get by....

I cannot believe how quick the last month has gone. We are already in February and by now most people have either given up on their New Year’s Resolutions or broke many of them.


This year I was clever. I decided to take on more “To do” New Year Resolution’s rather than simply “give up” something. These are all things that I have wanted to do for so long but just never made the time (particularly in 2015) After all, given up something completely is never much fun so why not take on things instead 🙂

In January I completed many of my Resolutions:

  1. Reduced my credit card limit: I still to this day have no idea why I got a credit card. My goal was to reduce my credit card limit even by a little bit J
  2. Complete a 5KM in an event: My friend and I did it…

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One Reply to “February Goals”

  1. So true!!! 🙂 It is the only way to achieve our goals or otherwise we are jus constantly hitting the wrong target or not fully aware of what our target is! Love your page!!! Thanks for sharing ❤ xx

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