Now That’s Entertainment!

Yes, I still have Super Bowl Fever, I’ve gotten the congratulations out of the way, the commercials now its time for the entertainment.  We have to give Lady Gaga her props for doing a magnificent job.  That woman can blow–OMG! 

Did any of you notice her new look?  Its going to take some time for me to get use to it, because I found her beautiful before the surgery.  But hey, that’s just my opinion and we all know its how the individual feels about themselves that carries the most weight. In any case, I wish her continued success and happiness.

I found the half-time show to be spectacular.  All three of the artists that appeared in the show are favorites of mine, which made the show extra special.  Seeing Chris Martin up on the stage having such a good time jumping up and down and including the audience, made me want to jump and down in my living-room, but I settled for turning up the volume of the TV and moving my upper body to the sound of the beat.

In all honesty, I very much adore Beyoncé, but some of her music I just can’t rock to.  I have no idea what that song was about that she was singing during half-time, but the choreography ROCKED!

Bruno Mars and his fellows were great as well! Did you notice the extra funk that was being played with Uptown Funk? And the extra little wiggly moves they were doing?  Well I did, it was awesome that they added more flavor to the routine and I can’t leave out the Boy, Girl battle dance off either, just HAWT! All together Greatness!

Sorry I could not find a video for Cold Play!

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