Crossing Ts & Dotting Is for Valentine’s Day-Sexually That Is

Sexy image of womenWhich do you prefer wild animalistic sex or making love?  In my personal experience both are necessary and both are fun.  But just like anything in life, there’s a time for having wild animalistic sex and there’s a time for having intimate, sensual love-making. Now as far as which time is best for which sexual rendezvous…well Sweeties that’s definitely yours and your mate’s call.

While drinking and talking with a couple of my girlfriends one night, we somehow got on the subject about sex. We all agreed that the best sex comes after drinking and when making up after a fight.  When the subject of what type of sex is performed, hands down we all replied, “That animalistic, can’t get enough of you, and gotta have you and all of you” type of sex is what we perform with our mates. #Animalistic? Yes, yes, yes!

We also agreed that most women reserve love-making for those special days, such as  birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.  Speaking of holidays-Valentine Day is just around the corner.  (What do you have planned for your special gal?)

Once again I have KitschMix to thank for their story entitled, “The Difference Between ‘Having Sex’ & ‘Making Love’: 9 Intimate Positions ALL Lesbian Couples Should Try,” that you simply must read.  Not only does this article contain pictures (cartoon animations for you shy gals), and easy instructions.  Definitely a good read, and or a quick reference for those of you who are planners, 🙂  Maybe you’ll find a great position for Valentine’s Day, hmmm.

It goes without saying that good sex is rewarded with great climaxes.  So I thought it only fitting to also include this article entitled, “11 Types of Orgasms a Woman Can Have,” also found on the KitschMix website.  Just giving you something to think about while putting together your Valentine’s Day surprise for your lady.




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