Super Bowl 2016 Commercials

Were you as disappointed as I was about the commercials shown during the Super Bowl?  You would think with all the money that is invested to air commercials during the Super Bowl that the companies that participated would had put in a little more effort (like they did in previous years).  Even Budweiser let us down this year, however, I did find some humor in this one.

To be honest, I didn’t even see this commercial during the Super Bowl but there it was on YouTube for this year. Did any of you see this one?

Moving along, Doritos commercials were great!  The commercial with the sonogram was epic and the one with the dogs wasn’t as great, but funny non the less.

This next commercial was a Snickers commercial. This commercial is pretty much like the ones we see now, with the slogan, “You not yourself when you’re hungry.”  All though we’ve all seen the different actors portraying regular people, this particular commercial was still fun to watch.

I must of course include the two musical commercials, the one for Skittles and the new Honda commercial both incorporated great tunes from the past.  Which made them hard to dislike.

The last two commercials I’m including is that of LG’s and because I love dogs (well animals) Subaru.  Subaru has a knack of doing commercials portraying families or those that pull on your heartstrings, well they didn’t disappoint us on pulling the heartstrings this year either.

I hope you enjoyed these commercials as much as I did.  If you have any commercials you would like to include here, comment the YouTube URL or email it to me at

Until tomorrow, Lois


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