Health & FitnessLove is LoveDuring the last couple of days I have come across quite a few interesting lesbian topics.  I have to tell you they were not only informative but eye-brow raising, seductive and plain old blush worthy. You know how when you come across some juicy information and you can not wait to share it with your BFF?  Well, that was my thought processing when I came across these articles.

The first article entitled, “20 Greatest Girl on Girl Sex Scenes of Al Time,” by Rebekah Allen on Pride’s website.  This article is absolutely sexy, and focuses on various love scenes from different shows from the present and the past. All of which are quite sexy.  The author invites you to submit any additional scenes that you may know of and are not shown in her article.   All I can say is “Yum!”

The next article I came across was featured on The Advocate’s website and is for those of you who enjoy reading (not just lesbian books).  The article is entitled, “The 30 Best Books You Missed in 2015,” author unknown.  I enjoyed this article because it got straight to the point by showing the author, the actual book and a summary.  Giving the reader of the article ample information to add to their lists of books they must have.  Awesome!

Lastly my new favorite magazine, Kitschmix posted two different articles about the lesbians and bisexuals in Hollywood, both equally good.  The first article entitled, “Top 11 Lesbians And Bisexual Women In Hollywood Right Now” and the other entitled, “21+ Out Celebrity Couples Who Were Absolutely Perfect For One Another In 2015.”

Well that’s all I have for now. I hope you enjoy them and if you happen to come by some interesting topics, please do share.

Until tomorrow, Lois


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