Happy Wednesday!

Have Bright WednesdayHappy Wednesday Everyone! 

It’s been a little rough getting back into the swing of things after being sick and taking a trip immediately afterwards.   The road trip was an unexpected venture and our trip down to GA was quite fun, however, the trip back home was a little scary at times.

We went through Indiana and Kentucky, during the blizzard and I have to tell you, cities and states that are not use to having snow are so very unprepared for it.  These states literally closed down waiting the storm out, at which time they would go out and try to remove the accumulated snow. 

The highways were full of snow about 3-5 inches deep and there were so many cars that had swerved off the road and into ditches.  There were also many trucks that jack-knifed and laid slanted or on its side on the highway as well.  There was a point during our trip back where we sat for forty-five minutes until tow trucks came to remove stalled cars off the road so drivers could get through.  What an adventure!

It’s great to be home and even greater to find out that IL wasn’t hit by the blizzard.  Were any of you affected by the blizzard?  Did you take pics?  If so, send me some pics to share here at purplesilkykisses@gmail.com.  Here are a couple of pics I took on the way back from GA.

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!  Until tomorrow-Lois

2 Replies to “Happy Wednesday!”

  1. I’m lois’ wife, the driver through all this, and it was white-knuckle driving for like 12 hours! Lois left out the fact that at one point we got stuck and her inner butch came out to save us! I drive a manual, therefore the only one who could be behind the wheel. She’s my hero!!

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