Is Prejudice A Learned or Embedded Behavior?

While on Facebook today, I came across this video which gave me chills and caused me a great deal of grief.  The video portrays a couple of elementary school age kids being asked to identify good, bad, pretty and ugly.  The interviewer uses pictures and dolls to represent Caucasians and Black (African-Americans) individuals. As a Black woman, watching the very young interviewees, I have to admit that I was not at all surprised at their responses.  However, what really pulled on my heart-strings is how the little Black (African-American) girl knew which doll she looked like or identifies with, was the Black doll. Meaning although this little girl identified the Black doll as being ugly and bad, and of her own image, meant to me that this little girl would always feel worthless, bad and ugly.

You know how we say, “Prejudice is a learned behavior,” and most of us believe that this behavior comes from parents.  But in looking at this video, it occurred to me that there is a bigger force out there that are poisoning the minds of our young.  And I’m sure that I don’t have to tell you that this learned behavior is one that will remain with them though out their lifetime. 

Who do you think is the culprit of corrupting our children’s minds? If I were to add my two cents I would label the culprits as being our media (TV, movies, and magazines).  Please do not take this the wrong way, but in each the media I’ve mentioned, there is always a load of Caucasian actors, or models being shown.  Yes there are usually a token Black actors or models shown, but not as much as the Caucasians that are shown on every page and through out every movie or sitcom that airs. 

I won’t pretend that I know how to solve this problem, but I do know that there is a problem and people need to acknowledge that problem and demand change.  For the sake of the future, something needs to be done, otherwise history will repeat itself somewhere down the line. 

Please take a look at this video and “comment” your thoughts.  Until tomorrow, Lois


2 Replies to “Is Prejudice A Learned or Embedded Behavior?”

  1. As a Black woman, it is very important for me to teach my son to have pride in his heritage. When he comes home, and tells me what he learned in history class, I make sure Inlet him know what’s accurate and what isn’t. So much of our history is distorted. Especially when our children do not have any positive role models like my parents did. What these little girls see, are Black women with weaves, fake butts, fake breasts, etc. they don’t see these women taking pride in their culture. They see them assimilating to European culture. It’s no wonder they look at white Barbie dolls as the standard of beauty.

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    1. I agree, its very sad. When my son was younger I made a point of finding apartments in mixed cultural environments. It was important to me that he would be able to interact with various races.


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