It’s Good To Be Back!


Hello and Happy Hump Day!

It’s been a rough last 5 days for me, for I’ve been sick.  Yesterday I felt like I was dying. Whew! So glad what ever I had is finally letting up, feeling more like myself today. 

Sitting here at my desk, shaking my head at the mountains upon mountains of paperwork needing my attention.  First thing I’ve done this morning, was to change the sheets and Lysol the bed and the comforters (in an attempt) to ward off any remaining germs lingering around.  Is it me? Or does everyone feel like crap as they get older with simple illnesses, like the flu or a cold?  I don’t remember feeling so bad when I was younger dealing with these types of illnesses, now it’s like the end of world or the Grim Reaper playing tricks on me. “Yes Lois it’s time to meet your maker! Psych!”  LOL!  I became especially concern, because our good friend Curtis came upstairs, (he’s witness the reaper in the past) and I thought he was here to bring the bad news. Hehehe!

Well, it feels great to be back! Off to work-out and catch up on work! Have  a great day!

Until tomorrow. LP

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