My New Year’s Resolution

Brand new startNow that the holidays are behind us it is time for us (Joanne and I) to get serious about our weight loss plan.  We, like many others, utilized the past holidays as an excuse to gorge out on so many delicious foods that added multiple pounds to our bodies. 🙂  We’ve been watching the many commercials offering weight loss plans and the wonderful gym packages that are available for the New Year, and although they sound tempting, we’ve decided that we are going to tackle our weight gain the old fashion way, with healthy eating, dieting and exercisingLucky for us we have an appropriate little gym here in our complex, equipped with state of the art work out equipment, an indoor Jacuzzi and swimming pool.

I have to say that I love the beginning of a New Year, it gives  me the opportunity to re-evaluate my life. Going into a new year gives me the opportunity to take a look at my past actions, my failures and my achievements. I feel its important to take a look at the past year in order to either learn from, or improve my actions from the previous year, but most importantly ,to acknowledge, learn and move on.  For the past belongs in the past and acceptance is vital for success. 

In addition to losing weight, my New Year resolution is to find a job,write another book and to begin saving for a house.  Out of all of my resolutions for the new year, finding a job, I believe, is going to be the toughest.  Yes, we have modern technology that is suppose to make searching for a job easier, but in my opinion it makes job hunting a job within itself.  Not only do I have to go to the various job sites and fill out an online application and plug in my job criteria in order to  receive alerts, I also have to go onto the company’s website and fill out their application.  Which makes finding a job a job within itself. SMH. 😦

 It has been three years since I wrote my first book and I feel that it is time to stop procrastinating  and get the stories that are forming in my head in print. Although now that I think about it, procrastination wasn’t the only thing that was keeping me from writing, for I was in school until I ran out of Financial Aid, leaving me four classes shy from obtaining my second Masters in English/Creative Writing. Oh well, once I’m employed I intend to go back and finish.

Lastly, the wife and I are ready to begin saving for our own home. I think the easy part is putting money away since we are giving ourselves at least two years to save.  This will fulfill my dream of being in our home by the time I’m 55 years old.

Alright, now that I’ve given you a run down of my resolutions, why not give me at least one of yours.  Here’s wishing you all a great New Year and may you succeed in fulfilling your set resolutions.



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