Happy Holidays

Christmas Tree

It’s so amazing how time seems to fly after Thanksgiving.  Here it is Christmas already! How ready are you for Christmas?  Were you smart this year and were collecting items throughout the year?  Or did you procrastinate, and now have to do the Christmas dash for presents?

I find that the older I become the less I find Christmas to be exciting.  Christmas just isn’t the same if there are no kids involved.  In my opinion it is the children that make this holiday so special.  The wonderment  in their eyes, the excitement in their voices, and the never ending lists of toys and things that they wish for.  And I can’t forget the early wake-up on Christmas Day, with the mad dash to the Christmas tree to search for their presents.  It is also the day when the adults  don’t mind the mess of Christmas wrappings or children toys all over the floor.

Now that my son is a man, I have to recall my memories of him growing up.  I fondly always go back to when he was a little boy and how every Christmas eve, I would help him get into his red one piece pajamas.  Oh how he loved those one piece pajamas with the zipper in the front.  And on the following day,  Christmas, how it was a chore to tear him from his toys to eat breakfast.  He would remain in pajamas all day if we didn’t have to go to grandma’s where  he would get more gifts.  Yeah, those were the good ole days.  Well hopefully I will have the joy of having a little one around again, once my son gives me a grandchild.  Until then I still have my sweet memories.

Here’s wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas holiday.


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