Italian Eggs

20151217_181118.jpgThis evening for dinner I wanted something different from salad and as promised, I took pics and tonight I will give you instructions on how to prepare Italian Eggs.  While I am not a chef, I do know my way around the kitchen.  Often my guests have complimented my cooking and this comes out  after their disbelief that I can even cook.  Even my mom, who is a southern belle from Lake City, SC, was surprised at my knowledge for cooking (she was however, happy to know that I often watched her  while she cooked n the  kitchen).

In any case, the recipe I am sharing with you tonight, I actually got from the cooking channel, from Italian chef Lidia Bastianich.  She is by far my favorite, now I can’t promise you I followed her recipe to the letter but the way I prepare the meal its quick, easy and delicious.



1 potato, 2 eggs, Milk, Onion, Goya Adobo, Black Pepper, Paprika, Olive oil, Cheese (your favorite), Frying pan



20151217_174303.jpgPour just enough olive oil in the pan to coat the bottom, you don’t want to drown your fries.





20151217_174348.jpg 20151217_174434.jpg





20151217_174456.jpgCut potato in half and keeping cutting off the halves (like spears see Pic) then vertically into fries.




20151217_174541.jpg 20151217_174706.jpg 20151217_174735.jpg 20151217_174846.jpg









Next you will put the cut potatoes into a bowl.  Add Adobo, Black Pepper and Paparika and Mix, making sure to coat potatoes  on all sides. Then place into your now heated pan of Olive oil. Cooked unto brown. Because of the seasoning, it may be hard to tell if they are brown, stick a fork into the fries and if it goes in easily they are cooked.  You will have to turn them over at least once.

20151217_175329.jpg 20151217_175419.jpg




20151217_175201.jpg 20151217_175432.jpg 20151217_175527.jpg





Next step is to break the eggs into the bowl add a little milk, add Adobo, and Black Pepper.  Then cut up 1/4 of your onion, chopping them fine, cut your cheese (if you are using block cheese)  Add ingredients to your eggs and beat.  By this time your fries should be done.



20151217_180508.jpg 20151217_180551.jpg 20151217_180621.jpg 20151217_180806.jpg









Drain the remaining oil off the fries, leave in the pan.  Add your beat eggs on top of the cooked fries add cheese and let cook for about two minutes.  Use a spatula for easy mixing. The eggs and cheese will stick together.


20151217_180857.jpg 20151217_181118.jpg





Once completely cooked remove the pan add to the plate.  Add some lettuce and any other stuff might like (shredded carrots, parsley, radishes, etc). And there you have it, a modified version of Lidia’s Italian eggs.  (BTW-I’ve included her URL to take directly to her page.  Great recipes, many with meat and all dishes made by Lidia are washed down with wine 🙂

Bon Appetite!  LP






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