Hope your Sunday was Perfect!

perfect sundayHello! Hope you had a perfect day!  Today was an exceptionally warm and rainy day here in IL. Weather-wise, we’ve been  pretty lucky, for we have not yet experienced any really cold days.  Thus far we had one snow storm, with a good couple of inches, but the following day it rained and then nothing but beautiful days to follow. Ever notice how beautiful the snow is as it lays on the empty tree branches?   It is absolutely magical.

I fear with the great weather we’ve been having that when we do finally get a taste of real winter weather, that it is going to hit us full force with many snow days (more than we’d like)  and great gushes of winds.  Fearing what we might be in for this winter, I’m ever so grateful for the great weather we’re having now.

So what was your day like?  Anyone care to share?

Until later, LP


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