The Struggle is Real!

Health & FitnessI long for the days of my youth…Looking at my reflection in the mirror, and loving what I saw there, now I often think of that saying, “Grow old gracefully,” (what a bunch of baloney! 🙂 Once we hit a certain age the fat seems to collect and station itself on parts of your body that are very noticeable and gives a whole new meaning to everyday words.  Such as muffins handles, no longer does this word represent the overage on a delicious toasted muffin with butter, it is also the mid-section of my body, where one can pinch more than an inch of thickness, lol.

I’ve also noticed that a routine yearly examination, now includes other tests that I never had to even  think about, until my mid-forties.  If you are anywhere near my age, you know the age where you now qualify to be an AARP member (speaking of which, I just renewed my membership yesterday.) then you know what I’m talking about.

So now it’s all about staying active which is a task within itself.  It is not easy staying committed to an exercise regiment, especially when you reach your goal weight.   I think another reason that I always stop with my daily regimen is because, I get bored doing the same old thing everything.  Something to think about I suppose.

And my biggest sin is, I become so very excited that I’m a smaller size and that I can wear outfits that I haven’t been able to wear for months, that I let it go to my head.  Then of course after three weeks of taking a break the pounds come rolling back with a swiftness, and now that I’ve waited so long to hit the gym or to go running, I have to build up to where I left off three weeks ago.

I’ve recently returned to exercising daily.  Not only have I begun working out again, but this time around I’ve changed my diet and have become a vegetarian (no more meat). Thankfully the weather here in IL has been cooperating and I am able to go walking on Route 12, for I love the outdoors. Women's Health Mag Pic I also  read articles (my favorite magazine is Women’s Health) on Health & Fitness, for recipes, and other workouts that I can incorporate into my daily regimen so I won’t get bored and find an excuse to not workout.  I find utilizing apps such as MyFitness Pal and Runtastic (because you can link the two and you don’t need to buy any accessories) to record my food intake and the calories I’ve burned during my walk/run to be helpful.

Thus far  everything is going pretty well. If you know of any great exercises or recipes that don’t require meat, or if you know of any seafood recipes, please do share, my email address is:

Until next time, LP



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