The 365 Grateful Project

Have you heard of the 365 Grateful Project? Neither had I until I happened upon this video in which this woman is describing how she felt in 2008.  According to her testimony she had a good life, but she wasn’t happy and sought help from a nun who specialized in life-coaching and counseling who told her that the secret of happiness was all about reflection and gratitude. With that said the nun asked the unhappy woman to each day write something she was happy and grateful for.  For one year the woman not only wrote down what she was hopeful for but took pictures as well, starting a phenomenal catchy project titled, the 365 Grateful Project.  In doing this project the woman started to see things differently about herself, life and the people around her.

In watching this video the first thing that came to mind were those days in which I don’t always feel up to par.  And how depression and despair can suddenly come upon me and seemingly take complete hold of me and seemingly hold me prisoner for days, weeks and sometimes months.  Which got me thinking that participating in the 365 Grateful Project  might eliminate those feelings and keep them at bay indefinitely.

I’ve linked the URL for you to take a look at the video for yourself.  Tell me what you think and whether you think you would be interesting in participating in such a project.

(A special thanks to Vicki Smith Kocol, my FB famfriend for sharing the post).

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