Life is about forever growing..

Those of you who have been following Essence of Pride are probably wondering what happened.  Well the truth is, I was just not feeling EOP anymore, and I  felt I needed a change.  I want a blog site in which I just bring topics out that move me and hopefully some of you.

So I decided to make a change, and I did not want to wait until the new year.  I figured since I’ve already begun the journey of reinventing myself that I should go full circle with my change. My change began with me cutting my hair (really short),  eliminating cigarettes from my  life (I have not completely stopped, but I am down to 1 cigarette a day), then I changed my diet (vegetarian), and I began running again.

I find I now have more energy and my mind is finally pushing away the cobwebs that seem to be forming in my head and the fog that once blinded me is now slowly dissolving.  I can see clearly stories forming in my mind and the desire to write is back with an undeniable fierceness.

So I now invite you to join me on my journey of reinventing myself, as well as joining me in discussing or commenting on various subjects. And I hope you won’t mind occasionally reading a couple of the stories that I must get out of my mind.

Until next time…LP

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